About us

About us
AppSummary is a small, crack team whose mission is to find what’s out there in App world. Whether it be a web app, an I-pad app or an I-phone app, we hunt it down, give it a shake, bang it with a hammer or rubber chicken, and see if it still works. If it does, but remains dead boring or completely pointless, we’ll hit it a few more times.

Why do we do this? So you don’t have to. It’s a jungle out there in the ether. A big tangled, noisy, sweaty jungle. It’s easy to get lost, overwhelmed, or eaten by a jaguar. So we figured we’ll machete out a few paths. Paths to the apps that you might need, might find fun, or might have wasted a whole bunch of time and cash on otherwise.

Because of course, there are Apps, and there are apps, and there are APPS!!

So if you’re considering venturing out into the sweaty jungle in search of an app that’ll make your life…

a) easier
b) more productive
c) more fun
d) all of the above

…then check in with us first.

And if there’s something you’re considering trying out but don’t have the time, drop me a line at Edwin@appsummary.com. We’re always on lookout for new stuff to review, so we might just be able to hook you up.


Edwin McRae, App Reviewer


App Reviewer
Professional blogger, screenwriter, self-confessed web junky. He’s been knee deep in cyberspace since he read William Gibson’s 'Neuromancer’ back in ’91.

App Scout
A restless soul in the ether, always on the hunt for the unique, the useful, and the unbelievable, wherever they may lurk.

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