Fast Food: Great if you love burgers, and not much else.

Fast Food: Great if you love burgers, and not much else.

Okay, even I admit that McDonalds was a welcome sight on my visit to Hong Kong.  I think it was all of the naked ducks in the windows…off-putting for a small town Kiwi first time traveler.


So with Fast Food it’s about knowing where the ‘safe’ food is (talking psychologically not gastronomically) on the move…it puts the mind at ease to know that something pronounceable and predictable is just around the corner.  That is until you walk into above McDonalds in Hong Kong and are greeted cheerfully and grotesquely by the Thai Curry Burger…essentially a quarter pounder dipped in green slime.


You know, Peking duck for lunch, I got used to it.



Here’s the full feast that Fast Food offers on its platter of eternal convenience.  ‘Nearby’ gives you all of the conveniences on one map.



Either a traditional map or a satellite style one…



…or a hybrid one should you tend to lean that way.



And contrary to its rather limiting name, Fast Food is about locating conveniences of all shapes and sizes, colours and creeds.




That said, it’s particularly good at pinning down your local Burger King population.



An ever growing Burger King population.


Hmmmm…nutrition facts regarding Fast Food outlets?  Isn’t that kind of like comparing Rothmans and Lucky Strike for their relative ‘health’ benefits.  Ah well, it’s always nice to be able to shop around.



 And at least you’ll know the best way to walk to your personal temple of high speed ‘nutrition’.  That’ll burn you a few calories.



But what strikes me the most, or in fact the least, about Fast Food is that it’s great for the United States, and a bit average for anywhere else.  For instance…want to see where the best local deals for food are?



Fine, if you’re in Chicago.  But Nelson, New Zealand…I wouldn’t bother.


Unfortunately, the same goes for tracking down a restaurant…



…or a good wine.



I know those hoods well, and that’s but the merest fraction of what’s available in those parts.  Come on Fast Food, punters can spend several days touring the vineyards, supping the fine vintages of Nelson/Marlborough.  Not fifteen minutes care of the Mount Nelson sample stand at Countdown.


So, for those of you venturing to New Zealand, or elsewhere beyond the realms of the US…use Fast Food as a starting point.  Or a good way of finding your comforting Whopper or Foot Long.  Comfort food…not to be sneezed at whilst perambulating through a foreign land.


But don’t expect Fast Food to turn up that gem of a Maori cuisine café or Mongolian barbeque.  Maybe one day, but not yet.


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