Webpage Capture: Like fishing with a tennis racquet

Webpage Capture: Like fishing with a tennis racquet
Webpage Capture by Endicosoft calls for one thing, and one thing only…SUMMARY EXECUTION!! It’s horrible.

 Horrible looking. Horrible to use. And completely horribly useless.  Like fishing with a tennis racquet!

Breathe Edwin…breathe. Okay, here’s what it’s supposed to do.

It promises to capture ‘complete’ websites that you happen to be browsing.  It promises to e-mail website content from you I-pad or I-phone.  Promises, promises…

Does this look like a COMPLETE webpage to to you?  And to make things worse, can you actually read any of that?

Not really, eh?  

Here’s my next attempt.

More readable thanks to the 2x zoom in available.  By the way, that’s all the options you get.  1x and 2x zoom in.  You can’t select a chunk of page to capture, like you can with something like Grab for the Mac.  It really is as clumsy as that bloody great lizard stomping around to our left there.  And about as intelligent too.

Still, there must be a bright side, right?  Maybe.  Webpage Capture still allows you to pick up moderately sized articles and images.  And it promises to enable you to e-mail said articles and images to someone.  

I tried it, and what did I get for my troubles?

A blank e-mail.  A polar bear eating vanilla ice cream in a snowstorm.

And it gets worse.  This whole ‘while you are browsing’ thing is misleading too.  You can only browse inside the Webpage Capture app, which is the most archaic, low spec browser I’ve ever seen.  In order to send someone even a link to a website I had to find it using Safari, input the address into Webpage Capture, and then wait forever for it to come up on screen.  I thought the sluggishness might have been due to my wifi connection.  It wasn’t.  Safari was quick.  Webpage Capture was a snail on valium.

And why didn’t I save all of that effort and simply copy and paste the address straight into an e-mail?  I really don’t know.

So if you even think of spending your hard earned $4.21 on Webpage Capture by Endicosoft then I will personally come to your house and slap you with your own I-pad, repeatedly!

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October 26th, 2011
Don't agree
January 8th, 2011
Webpage capture uses the Safari engine so if you manage to load a website in Safari, you will also load it in Webpage Capture. The purpose of capturing an image is to save what is actually on the screen at that time. Saving the link on it's own may give you a different page for example in the case of dynamic page. I have used Webpage Capture for iPhone and it works great and by the way, I used the company's Windows version (Internet explorer plugin) and it works brilliantly as well. So I suggest you contact the developers with the issue and they will help you.

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