Egozoo Cards: Singing telegrams of cuteness, Batman!

Egozoo Cards: Singing telegrams of cuteness, Batman!

Ah, what to do when Paper Plus’ selection of greeting cards leaves you desperately wanting, and you have the letter writing ability of an orangutan with forefinger arthritis?


Send cute singing animals from your iPhone.  What else, right Egozoo?



Now, I wouldn’t normally send anyone a singing animal.  I’d personally find it kind of threatening to have a crooning panda bear on my doorstep.  Don’t let all of the roly-poly bamboo munching fool you.  Panda bears can still make a fine mess of you should they fancy your legs as a pair of chopsticks.


You think that doesn’t happen?  They are still bears.



But I have to admit that this particular panda bear doesn’t seem like the eviscerating type.  He’s more of a John Belushi in “The Blues Brothers” kind of dude.  Not someone you’d like to have take you for a Sunday drive in the country, but fun and essentially harmless nonetheless.



And these other guys look rather fun, too.



There’s a whole Egozoo of these guys, and they’re at your disposal for some heart-felt electronic greetings.



How do they do it?


There’s music, a simple but nicely done animation, and a function that enables you to record a voice message.  No deciphering handwriting then, just your four pints to the wind slurring when you remember at the pub that tomorrow is Valentines Day.


You’ll probably still get peeled like a bamboo shoot for being a hung over carpet slug on Valentines Day, but the cuteness of the Egozoo animations may just soften the blows a little.


Especially if you use the PITCH button to make yourself sound like a chipmunk.  Also a good way of concealing the drunkenness.



Actually, what’s groovy is that the Egozoo e-cards are general enough to apply to a whole smorgasbord of occasions.  Yes, there are specific ones like…


I Miss You

Lets go to Party



TV News

I Love You Too


…but the titles above are more thematic than targeted.  And since you’re speaking your own text rather than relying on a bored, frustrated novelist-turned-greeting-card-writer to put the words in your mouth, you can pretty much do what you like with the Egozoo range.


And should you quickly exhaust the eight free cards, you can pick up another seven for 99 cents US (for the bundle). 


So…a nice idea with some nice animation.  Nice, not mind blowing.  But hey, we are talking greeting cards here. 


click above to go to Ego Zoo

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