Money 1.3.4: Bookkeeping for Superheroes on the move

Money 1.3.4: Bookkeeping for Superheroes on the move
No-one thinks about the bookkeeping side of caped crusading and crime fighting. Blowing out the budget on that new utility belt, well it could mean no gas in the flying rodent mobile for a week. How embarrassing!

Crime fighters, don’t get caught with your external undergarments down. Keep track of your cash on your iPhone with Money 1.3.4 from Jumsoft!
Okay, it’s not quite as action packed as all that.  If Money had been superhero themed then that would have been cool, but I guess they’re going for a much more sensible market than me.  Maybe you?  Wait a minute, you’ve got underpants over your jeans right now, haven’t you!  No?  Nevermind then.
Money is simple enough.  

Enter your transactions or regular bills on the go into your iPhone.


They get stored away, calculated, and blown up large in friendly little diagrams like this...
They’re right.  Crime doesn’t pay.  It’s damned expensive!
So, Money’s simple and useful, but it’s a bit on the clunky side to use.  It’s all a bit linear.  I found myself flicking back and forth endlessly through pages.

Then there’s the reporting which, while nice looking, is annoyingly inflexible.  I couldn’t have more than one report at a type!  So if I wanted a monthly report instead of my expenditure report I had to scrap the first one entirely and then make the second.  Oh, I do hate reinventing the wheel.

And while ‘aged papery beige’ appeals to my steampunk sensibilities, it’s a bit dull when that’s all you get throughout the entire app.  Why, when we have all of the imaginative power of the digital age at out fingertips do we keep making stuff that mimics old, boring stuff we can easily get in the real world?
But for all of that, Money 1.3.4 does the job and has a very gentle learning curve.  And it’s FREE.  So I think I’ll use iit, at least until something flashier and a bit more intuitive comes along.

How about a super hero themed version, Jumsoft?  You know you want to…
Tap that wallet for Jumsoft!

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