TinyPay.Me: Is a fast sale really a good sale?

TinyPay.Me: Is a fast sale really a good sale?

Brain for sale.  Only slightly used.


I’m on a minimalism binge.  All unnecessary material items must go.  And I figured that since I only use about 10% of my brain, I might has well clear some space up top.


With 90% of my skull empty I could put it to use as a mobile compartment…very handy for the iPhone, wallet and keys.  No more bulked out pockets.  Bliss!


But what to do with all of that spare brain?  I can’t throw it away.  What a waste.  Maybe someone would like to buy it?


Hmmm…that’s where Tinypay.me comes in.



What’s Tinypay.me when it’s at home?  A way of selling stuff over the internet that, until today, I’d never even heard of.



It’s a stripped down reincarnation of existing services like eBay or Trademe.



With a few nifty extras that the big boys don’t seem to have thought of.  At least not as far as I’ve noticed.


Things like supplying you with a QR code so that you can surreptitiously place your sale out and about, where curious smart phone users can check it out.



Enabling you to embed your sale into an existing website or blog…



…and making it dead simple to spread the word via social networking.



And the promise of ‘sell in sixty seconds’?  Well…I’d say two to three minutes on your first go, but Tinypay.me is definitely simpler and easier than the ugly and monolithic eBay.


 First, lock down your location.



Then fill out some details regarding your sale, and add an image…



…or a video sales pitch, or a downloadable product description if you so wish.



‘My Brain Explained: Well Most Of It by Edwin McRae’


And don’t forget to factor in a couple of tags so that your sale will get found.



And you can even donate a portion or all of the proceeds to charity should you so wish.



How’s the money side of it work?  PayPal, of course.



Although I ran into problems on this front.  No-one’s able to pay me, unfortunately.  I think this is a PayPal problem rather than a Tinypay.me problem, but maybe the Tinypay.me crew would like to look into it for me?


Pretty please?



Anyways, this was the only glitch I stumbled across.  Despite it’s seeming simplicity, Tinypay.me has a whole lot to offer…including the option of starting you own niche market place.



In which you can charge other sellers to display their wares.  Interesting…


There’s probably only one issue I have with hocking my brain off on Tinypay.me.  I couldn’t find any sort of ‘trust’ rating, or comment bank on the sellers.  The rating and feedback system is something I appreciate with Trademe, and the lack there of in Tinypay.me makes me uneasy.


How does anyone know that I’m a legit brain salesman?



So, although I like the look and feel of Tinypay.me, until they have some way of verifying people…I’m probably going stick with the old ugly giants.


Where’s the trust in the world today, eh?


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