Psykopaint: Mutilate your photos with maniacal glee

Psykopaint: Mutilate your photos with maniacal glee

Psykopaint.  Jackson Pollock?  Mister mental brain splat on the canvas.  Or Van Gogh, old crazy one-ear himself.  Is that what you think of when I put psycho and paint in the same sentence?


Well, this is a bit more accessible than all that maniacal artistry.  Take a photo and go ‘psyko’ with it.  Transform, mutate, and mutilate it into a digital painting of your own twisted liking.



 Oh yeah?  Sounds like a Photoshop filter to me.



Yes…and no.  A whole lot of no actually.  Putting the staggering cost difference aside (Psyckopaint…free, Photoshop…a healthy kidney, or two), the interface on Psykopaint rocks.



That’s a brutal looking cut/crop tool.  Loving it.  And, as I’m a fan of adventurous aesthetics in apps, I seriously dig that Psykopaint knows what it is, how it should look, and has followed that look all the way through.



It has all the functionality you could wish for in a simple photo-to-painting application…



…and that highly successful mixture of liberation versus sensible limitation.  Huh?  Why are you getting all highbrow here, Edwin?  Sorry, this app brings out the art speak in me.  What I’m saying is this…Psykopaint gives you creative options, but not too many so as to be daunting and bewildering.



For instance, Psyckopaint will only accepts jpg, jpeg, gif or png files.  Fine with me.  Can’t stand suffix soup anyway.  Tastes of over complication.


Right, Mike?



A moment of silence for the natural born ‘thriller’.


Okay, now it’s almost time for me to get paint on my jeans.  But first, a little upskilling in Psykopaint lore is required.



There, that was easy.  So, now imagine me making Max Gimblet style grunting utterances as I work, and…VIOLA!


Yes, I did mean to shout the slightly larger cousin of the violin.  What did you think I meant to say?



I’m a genius!  Now, what do I do with my masterpiece?  No, I will not put it there, thanks all the same.  This fine work needs sunshine so that you may fully appreciate its marvelous artistic depth.



Here’s where Psykopaint has it over Photoshop.  Instant community outreach.  No need to go via Flickr or Photobucket.



I could either launch my work out there into social media land, or feature it in the Psykopaint gallery.



Where my title and name will be read aloud by a groovy computerized voice.  Nice touch.



Easy, eh?  Well, not TOO easy.



That would defeat the purpose.  Psykopaint’s clearly designed to make you flex your creative muscles without having to buy an entire home gym setup.






And there we have it.  Fun, flexible, and frenetically interfaced.  Lovely work Psykopaint crew.  You’ve managed to create an ‘un-naff’ painting tool.  I take my ear off to you.


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