Survey Gizmo 3.0: Better than a game of 'scarbble'!

Survey Gizmo 3.0: Better than a game of 'scarbble'!
Make nifty little surveys, polls, quizzes and forms and send them out to customers, colleagues, and arch enemies alike.  Believe me, it’s always good to know what your nemesis thinks of you.  If they start to like what you’re doing then you’re doing it all wrong! It’s pretty much a paint by numbers thing.  Simple enough for a NASA trained chimp, or me, to get their head around in less than twenty minutes.

Survey Gizmo’s options are laid out for everything from text response surveys to ‘agree/disagree...love it/makes me want to hurl’ kind of stuff.  You can add images, extra comments, and actions like an ‘are you human?’ function to avoid those loathsome bot spammers. And it has a handy little step-by-step progress function…


…I always like to know where I’m at, and I love ticking boxes and crossing things off lists.  Anyone who lines their empty beer bottles up on the windowsill knows exactly what I’m talking about.  Progress measured is progress made.

For a tool box, Survey Gizmo has options galore, and there’s scope for customizing themes and other bits and bobs as well.  Comfortably simple with a generous dollop of versatility.

Here’s what I managed to achieve in about ten minutes or so.

Yes, I have invented a new game called ‘Scarbble’.  It’s like Scrabble, with knife juggling.  Coming to discerning toy store near you.

Would I use Survey Gizmo 3.0?

At these prices…

I’m thinking I would.  I tried out the Pro trial and for the functionality you get I reckon $49 per month is cheap as chips.   And it’s friendly!  Within minutes of signing up I got an e-mail from Lisa from Gizmo telling me she’s there to hold my hand during the trial.  Personal touch.  Nicely done.

So yes, in a word Survey Gizmo 3.0 is ‘nifty’.  Well worth your time and cash.

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October 22nd, 2011
As much as I love online surveys I still go for start ups - I use Createsurvey from http://www.createsurvey.com with efficient support and extra offline services.
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September 6th, 2011
CreativeSurvey - thatls what I like.

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