Brazen Careerist (Beta) - A tidy little ghost town.

Brazen Careerist (Beta) - A tidy little ghost town.
We’ve got ourselves another social networking beastie here.  A professionally oriented one. Connect with other professional types in a clean, friendly environment, jam-packed with…cleanness.

And what’s with the limbless one’s at the pub? Patience, grasshopper. Patience.

What’s Brazen Careerist got to offer? On the surface, as much as any self-respecting social network. Conversation threads. Interest groups. Lots of other punters to connect with.

Brazen Careerist is quick and easy to navigate around. Profile building is straightforward…

…and, seemingly, there a whole pile of well populated groups that you can dive into. Case in point, the Entrepreneurs group has 1439 members. Swarms of like-minded peeps just waiting to welcome you to the fold with their warm virtual arms.

All’s hunky-dory then, right?  Let’s get socialising!

Now there’s the rub…

I put up a question on the news wall.  An innocuous question about how the inhabitants were finding their Brazen Careerist experience.  After an hour…no reply.  Okay, this isn’t Facebook.  It’s a site for professionals.  It’s not supposed to be a cacophony of random activity and streams on consciousness, right?

I’ve just checked again…twelve hours later.  Any responses?  Zip.  Zilch.  Nada.  And that’s not simply to my question.  There are no new entries in sight!  The most recent comments I could find were from 1-5 weeks ago.  There’s next to nothing going on in Brazen Careerist other than the soft rustle of virtual tumbleweeds.

And then there’s Network Roulette.  As far as I can tell it’s a speed dating type thing.  You step into the virtual bar, wait a bit, and next thing you know someone’s profile pops up…a random connection that you might otherwise never have had.  Engineered synchronicity.  Cool in theory.  In practice…this is what I got.

There are only so many virtual drinks I can have with stick figure animates before I start to get a bit edgy, before I start to wonder why I’m staring at a poorly re-rendered scene from Leisure Suit Larry.

Okay, to be fair, I managed to have one random meeting during my twenty or so minutes of attempts.  And how did it go?  Confusing.  The guy’s profile popped up, lingered for a split second and then was gone, leaving me with a message from Brazen Careerist insisting that I follow up with my new contact after this meeting.  What meeting?!  We were mere pixels passing in the night.

Let’s get to the point.

My impression is that Brazen Careerist is suffering from post-honeymoon blues. People have signed up to this Beta thinking ‘hey, this looks prettier than LinkedIn, let’s give it a shot.’  They’ve left a few messages, joined a group or two, and then have gradually wandered off into the ether, never to be seen again.

The result?  City o’ Spectres.

And Network Roulette, Brazen Careerists’ attempt at a point of difference?  A gimmick, little more.

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