Sprout Social - Sprout your evil empire today

Sprout Social - Sprout your evil empire today
An evil genius, sitting in an enormous swivelling chair with a fluffy cat on my armrest and the world at my fingertips. This is one of my happy places…and brought on this particularly megalomaniacal daydream?

Sprout Social did.  

It’s either a fluorescent green health drink, or an organic farmer’s convention, right?  Not exactly.

So what is it then? It’s a slick little app that allows you to coordinate your social media empire from one simple, pretty dashboard. You can read and send tweets, Facebook messages and LinkedIn messages.

I love writing things.  And most of all, I love writing things ONCE.  There’s no copy and paste here.  Just write it and send it out, thus hitting your Twitter followers, Facebook friends and LinkedIn contacts simultaneously.  A multi-pronged assault.  I like!

And any self-respecting Doctor Evil wants to extend their empire, correct?  The World Is Not Enough syndrome.  Fine then.  Sprout Social lets you hunt down new slaves…I mean minions…I mean contacts with its nifty Discovery Agents.

It’s easy enough to run down specific people…

…and rifle through their virtual underwear draws.

Or, one can simply chuck in some keywords and pull in a whole net-full of prospective henchmen…I mean alliances.

If you prefer the ground troops conquest option, there’s always the possibility of getting specific about an area and thereby connecting to Gowala and Four Square.

And what’s with the ‘Engagement’ and ‘Influence’ thingy?  It lets you know whether you’re actually CONVERSING with your followers on Twitter (Engagement), or simply talking at them (Influence).  I probably don’t need to remind you that there’s a fine line between Informing and Spamming.

Is Sprout Social all gluten free cupcakes and ginseng tea then?

Just about.

It’s extremely Twitter/Facebook- centric.  This is a drawback if you’re a MySpace.  Neither can you connect to small, niche networks.  It’s the big five or nothing.

That said, the platform is versatile enough that it could clearly cope with incorporating other networks, and maybe that’s in the pipeline already.  I’ll keep you posted on that.

In the meantime there’s more than enough scope in Sprout Social to keep the evil social networking genius within satiated.  And without putting too much of a hole in the bullion vault either.

Sprouts Anyone? Sure.

With some mayonnaise please…and bacon.  Yes, leave the fat on.  In fact, could you deep fry it for me.  Yes, the whole sandwich, Presley style.  Cheers.

I admit that I’m leaning towards using Sprout Social myself.  Social Media can be a ravenous, time consuming beastie, and we evil geniuses need our beauty sleep.  So getting to kill 007, 004 and 009 with one shot has to be worth…one million dollars…or at the very least nine bucks a month.

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November 28th, 2010
cool review, will check out this app

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