Platoon HQ: Marshalling troops the hard way.

Platoon HQ: Marshalling troops the hard way.

‘Platoon’ is and will always be one of my favourite ever films.  Perhaps it’s Lance Henriksen.  Perhaps it’s the beauty of Barber’s ‘Adagio for Strings’ as Charlie Sheen is airlifted away.   A war movie with soul, that one.


A pity the movie has nothing to do with its namesake app.  Platoon HQ the ‘staff management app’ isn’t as beautiful and I think there were a few more causalities in the end.  Mostly my brain cells as I bashed my head repeatedly against the desk.




And that was just trying to log in.



Oh, so I have to put the country code into the beginning of my mobile number or I’m going to be stuck in no man’s land forever?  And where was this mentioned?  Well, nowhere.  Seems like it’s a glitch that needs sorting, fast, Platoon HQ crew!


Already this app is starting to feel like Hamburger Hill but hey, I’m still giving Platoon HQ the benefit of the doubt.  It looked promising. 




In order to avoid any other potential landmines, I check out the instructional videos.




Simple enough it seems.

Let’s delve back into the jungle of projects and staff rosters then, Platoon HQ’s primary functions.




Okay, not loving the style.  Einstein said ‘simple as possible’, not ‘dull as dishwater’.  Still, it seems functional enough…




…as long as all the space and calming blue doesn’t lull me off to sleep.  Hope not, I’m on watch tonight.  The VC’ll have my ears.


So, basically Platoon’s good for firing up a project and allocating staff to it.




It creates a central hub whereby your employees/contractors/mercenaries can let you know of their availability…maybe they’re washing their hair, or maybe they’ve got an oil inspired police action that day.  You need to know, right?




After creating a new roster as an Admin user, I switched to Staff user in order to submit my availability.  Why the fancy footwork?  The trial version of Platoon HQ only allows me to add one staff member…



…me.  So I’m boss and bootstrap today.  Although this bootstrap wasn’t able to see any options after clicking on Submit Your Availability.  And no new info showed up in the rosters in Admin mode either.  Basically, I’m lost in the jungle.  Bye bye GI.


And when you create a new roster you’re also supposed to get a SMS or email notification too.  Kind of a key thing, as then your grunts can look at the roster and submit their availability without your having to traipse around the battlefield to find them to ask yourself.


 No such luck.  It didn’t seem to work.  I guess, as a back up, there’s always this cosy looking little chat room to use.




Hmmm…comfortably clinical.




Sooooo…I’m thinking that if I tried to manage my platoon using Platoon HQ, I’d soon begin to wonder what exactly it is that I’m fighting for.  The freedom to create apps that numb you with their surface dullness and vex you into liberal use of napalm with their confusing complexity? 

I hope not.

Sorry, Platoon HQ crew, this app may look simple, but it sure isn’t as ‘simple as possible’.  Better luck next time.



Click above to check Platoon HQ out for yourself.

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22 hours ago
Thanks for the feedback, I'm fixing those login issues as we speak, found this very valuable as I'm a sole operator trying to make something useful... so much appreciated... I'll let you know when these things are fixed and maybe you'll get a chance to have a look again and have a better experience... unfortunately Rostering is a boring job but I think were on the right track. Cheers Julian (PlatoonHQ - Owner)

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