DivX Only: For the discerning movie junky

DivX Only: For the discerning movie junky

My quest for the great movie resource in the ether continues.  And my virtual trawling has netted DivX Only, a much more promising alternative to something like Stagevu.


Is it the be all and end all for my movie junky proclivities?  It did look like it could be…at first.




On the surface DivX Only looks appears to be a little movie-lovers’ love shack…in the shady forest of…loveliness. It’s got a terrific range for the more discerning movie viewer, as in it’s relatively blockbuster free and features a whole swag of movies that I’ve been searching for in vein at my local DVD shop.




Old or new, arty or offbeat, there’s a pretty good chance that DivX Only has it.




Unfortunately, like Stagevu it requires Firefox and DivX Webplayer to make it work.  The majority of movies on DivX Only are in fact Stagevu connections, but all of the stumbling about searchy stuff has been cleared away.  Because DivX Only isn’t trying to be everything to everyone it has a manageable inventory, it’s simple and easy to navigate through.




It took me about ten seconds to find the movie I wanted to check out.




So I settled in with my popcorn and my significant other to watch ‘9’ on my laptop, only to be faced with this…



…for what seemed like an eternity!  It could be something to do with New Zealand’s stone-age broadband, but I don’t remembering waiting so long for anything on iTunes or Vimeo.



And when the movie did finally fire up it ran smoothly for a while and then had to pause for another big gulp of downloading.  Irritating.

I guess all of my streaming problems would be solved by one of these…




…which can be purchased from the DivX Only site.  But I’m not convinced of the return on investment.  DivX Only is good, but is it ninety US dollars good?

The other option is that I could always download the movies to watch in my own time.  For this I’d need a premium membership.




TV player versus download…it’s a bit of a toss up, really.  Especially when you consider the iTunes rental option at NZ$7 a pop.  Dilemmas, dilemmas.




DivX Only is a great movie resource if you’ve got the kickass broadband to support it.  If not, which is sadly the case for us colonials on the edge of the world, then the search for the ultimate movie resource continues.



Click on 'hairy hick' Brad for DivX Only!

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June 8th, 2011
the links are fakes!!!!!!!! they lead to this dick head http://aboycalledjaro.com/

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