Stagevu: That will do, pig.

Stagevu: That will do, pig.

There are two things that I’m trying to phase out of my life.  One is watching appointment television and the other is going to the DVD shop, which for me is a one hour round trip.  The appointment viewing TV thing has been easy to knock on the head.  TV on demand is a beautiful thing.  But movies have been a trickier one.


Enter, Stagevu, left.  A site brim full of movies waiting to be streamed or downloaded.  Full length, HD movies.



Now this seems like a bit of a dream come true.  Full length FREE HD movies that I can watch with the wifey in bed on my laptop.  Where to do they come from?  You become a member and you can upload whatever you want, pretty much like Vimeo or You Tube. 




All well and good, but the first question to my mind was ‘how is this legal?’  Surely there are copyright infringements galore here.  I’d be right, but here’s how Stagevu gets around such things.




Community as opposed to individual responsibility.  Hmmmm.  Still Stagevu is here, in plain view, it’s well supported, and it’s part of the global rethink that everyone’s doing about music and visual art in digital form.  But I’m not going to get into that pool of virtual piranhas right now.  I’m here to tell you…


It’s Babe, a little pig.


Stagevu may be a great resource but they’re not making it easy for you to access it!


For a start, it doesn’t work with Safari.  I spent far too long wondering why the videos would go blank whenever I clicked on the play icon.  I downloaded DivX Webplayer as recommended (a must if you want to use Stagevu at all).  Still nothing.  It was only by pure chance that I stumbled across a comment suggesting that it could be my browser.  So over I go to Firefox and, abracadabra, I’m in business.




But then, as I start searching around for something to watch, like Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien’, I find that there’s no easy search option.  Apart from this…




…which to me is a clumsy way of doing things, and requires way to much knowledge on the user’s part.  And it’s ugly!


Oh yes, and I received a friendly looking message in my Stagevu Inbox.  Assuming it was something from Stagevu admin, I opened it, only to find this.




Not happy.  Sure, a web app's gpt to make money to sustain its existence, but there are less annoying ways to do it. 

Since the Safari debacle had already put a dint in the fender of my patience, this was the end of the road.  I succumbed to frustration with Stagevu and fled.


If you’re more endowed with the virtue of patience than I am then Stagevu offers a fecundity of video eye candy.  You just have to be like a boar on a truffle hunt.  You know, be prepare to root around in the dirt a bit...that doesn't sound quite right, does it...



Click above for Stagevu!




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