Teach Parents Tech

Teach Parents Tech

Written by Edwin McRae

I love my mum.  Unquestionably.  But there’s one phone conversation I always dread.  One type of question that makes my spine quietly decalcify in supreme frustration.

Mum:  Now Ed, I was wondering you might be able to help me with something.

Ed:  Sure, what’s that, mum?

Mum:  I was wanting to send the girls a photo of Muddy (fluffy cat thing) on my e-mail but I can’t seem to be able to…

As I see the next hour of my life wither into nothingness, I wonder to myself…is there a better way?


There is.  Teach Parents Tech.  Hazah for the interwebs!




How does this saviour angel of a web app work? It’s like this…




Teach Parents Tech offers you a fandango of tutorial videos to choose from.  In this case a ‘fandango’ means about forty.  They’ve got everything from…




…to the basics that we Generation Xers and younger take for granted.  Stuff like…




And onwards to things more compicated.




The tutorials are short, snappy and perfectly aimed at beginners, particularly technically ‘unsavvy’ baby boomers.




Basically you’re putting together a beginner IT course for your beloved baby boomer, a parcel of how-to videos that they can watch, rewatch, and absorb at their leisure, thus saving you a whole truckload of remote IT troubleshooting.


And the process is simple enough.  Upon entering the site you’re greeted by a template to fill out.




Fill it out, pick your videos, send it off.  Piece of pie cake.




And it’s all totally free.  Why?  Well…it is all a bit of a marketing exercise by Google.  Teacher Parents Tech is a Google creation after all, so most of the tutorials focus on Google apps of one kind or another.




Personally, I don’t have a problem with this.  While Google isn’t the be all and end all, it’s a great place for Luddite parents to start their foray into the virtual realms.


So Teach Parents Tech gets the big cheesy grin from me.  It’s what my mum’s going to be getting in her virtual stocking this Christmas!



Click above for Teach Parents Tech!



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January 4th, 2011
Thanks for the review! I'll be showing this to my dad for sure.

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