Viddler: Video killed the radio star

Viddler: Video killed the radio star

Written by Edwin McRae

You’d think, with the massive ocean of online video out there that we could do without yet another online video service.  Admittedly, I felt a bit like this going into Viddler.  A bit of a ‘what’s the point when we have Vimeo and You Tube’ feeling.  Viddler managed to show me that it’s my attitude that was pointless, not them.

Viddler seems like a great option for online video.The ‘record direct’ option is cool, and the subscription model is a good. Look out for Edwin TV on a Viddler channel near you…

This is me realising the error of my ways.



It’s also me recording myself directly onto Viddler.  No prerecording and uploading necessary.  I pressed record, said some inane stuff, and there’s my video stored on Viddler, just like that!  Rather nifty I have to say.

And then, because I simply couldn’t get a enough of seeing my handsome visage on screen, I tried out their ‘video comment’ function.  Using the same ‘record to Viddler’ technique I was able to make self deprecating remarks about my work in person rather than via a few hurriedly composed words in a comment box.


This ‘record directly to Viddler’ feature is the stand out difference between Viddler and things like Vimeo and You Tube.  But there’s a few other groovy bits and pieces that Viddler offers that are worth mentioning.



There’s the Adworks side of things where you can earn revenue off your videos through advertising placement.



Nothing new there, but good to have the option.  What stood out for me was the subscription option.  If you go for the business account with Viddler you can offer your videos via a monthly/annual subscription.




The service costs from US$100 a month, but if you manage to land one hundred monthly subscribers at $1 a piece, then it’s straight profit after that.  The potential here, particular for offering webinars and educational stuff…it’s got MY brain ticking over with possibilities.




Viddler has a lot going for it, but it’s not all lettuces and zucchini unfortunately.  There’s the odd slug.


I tried to change the thumbnail of my video, another feature I haven’t seen on either YouTube or Vimeo.  It’s a good idea but for me it didn’t work…threw up an error message every time I attempted to upload my jpg thumbnail.

And when I went on imbed my video into a Wordpress page I ran into problems again.  It simply didn’t work.

Needless to say, a few slugs like this can ruin your salad.  But it appears that Viddler is more of a ‘hands on’ service than YouTube, which by comparison is a ‘set and forget’ service.  There are people available to help you out with the bugs.  Still, if you want to make a good impression with the punters you need to iron that stuff out before you launch, right?

Aside from those few little hassles, Viddler seems like a great option for online video.  The ‘record direct’ option is cool, the subscription model is a good, and it's easy to navigate and use.  Get your shiny dollars out people becuase Edwin TV is coming to a Viddler channel near you…


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