Evernote: Keeping it all handy

Evernote: Keeping it all handy

Evernote (iPad) Review


I’m the worst note-taker ever.  Actually, scratch that, I’m a great note-taker.  If seven years of tertiary education taught me anything, it’s how to take notes, and cram for exams.  Can I remember much of anything else…I’ll get back to your on that one.  I can flick a beer cap across the room with my thumb and ‘digitus infamous’ (also known as the ‘bird finger’…how about that?).  Does that count?

My main problem is that I lose notes, by the bushel.  Hopefully Evernote is going to change all of that. 


It’s a digital briefcase for all of those notes and whimsical jottings that you might make.  You can stuff it with messages and photos to which you can add text and even audio commentaries should you so desire.  These audio clips can be up to 1.5 hours in length and, on playback, make you sound like your talking through shagpile carpet.  I love that word…shagpile.  It’s not that bad, really.  You’re audible at least.

Below is a complete note with audio attached.  Some like...'Enoy your swim, Bond, before my lazer-guided sharks cut it short,by a leg or two.  Moohahahaha!'




You can email your notes easily enough, a good thing when you’re cruising about and want to flick a quick idea to someone, or share a piece of artwork/scenery/person-having-hilarious-accident with them.




As far as filing goes, Evernote offers a fandango of different search options…by date created, by tag, by city (should you completely forget everything else about your note)…



And even by the textual content in the images.  That’s right, it’ll recognize that ‘Beware of the Walrus’ sign you photographed just before everything went fishy/growly and then dark.




One little problem…hardly worth mentioning…where’s...THE WEB CLIPPER?!  Oh, that’s right, in the next edition, in development apparently.  The PC version of Evernote has the web clipper and thus allows you to take snapshots of the ‘interwebs’ and then add your own notes, either in text or through the audio function.   This is how it should work.




But unfortunately that’s out for us iPadders…for now.  That is unless you use Evernote for the iPad in conjunction with a standard account on your PC/Mac.  At least then you can view your internet captures via your iPad. 




But honestly, was it so important to get the app out before Christmas that you had to drop one of the most important features?

I’m thinking...no.  Because I’m also thinking, intrepid iPadder, that you should wait until that promised next edition of Evernote comes out.  Granted, it’s a free app so you’re not giving up anything but your time.  Still, you might as well have the ‘fully useful’ app rather than the ‘almost but not quite’ one.

I’ll leave it with you.


Click about for Evernote!

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