Splashtop: You are now under my control...

Splashtop: You are now under my control...

Now, thanks to Splashtop, I can enslave my laptop and tell it to quack like a duck using my iPad.  I haven’t got my laptop to Cossack dance yet, but I’m working on it.

I’ve always liked the idea of being a hypnotist.  The power to click my fingers and make someone quack like a duck, or dance like a Cossack...sounds like a nefariously good time to me. 

Unfortunately, I just don’t seem to have the knack for it.  No army of mind controlled slaves for me.  But at least now, thanks to Splashtop, I can enslave my laptop and tell it to quack like a duck using my iPad.  I haven’t got my laptop to Cossack dance yet, but I’m working on it.

Splashtop? Isn’t that the sheet of plastic or glass you have screwed to the wall above your stove top?  The one with all the gunk and splatter on it from over vigorous stirring of bolognaise sauce?  No.  That’s a ‘splashback’.

Okay, so Splashtop has a silly name, but let’s not hold that against it.  Essentially it enables you, via WIFI, to operate your Mac or PC from your iPad.  Splashtop Remote Desktop can connect to any device running Windows 7, Vista, XP or OS X6 (or higher).  Thus, I couldn’t wrangle my two year old iMac.  Too long in the tooth, apparently.  But I could run my laptop (which was in the office) from the comfort of the couch in the lounge.

Splashtop’s an easy enough little beastie to use.  You download the main app to your iPad, and then a second app to your PC or Mac.  This second bit is like the old fob watch the hypnotist swings back and forth before your eyes until you feel very very sleepy...  Basically, it enables the iPad to mind meld with your computer.

And there’s a handy hint page that outlines the shortcut moves for interacting with your enslaved computer.  to make life even easier I had no trouble finding by laptop over the wireless and taking it over.




All good then?  Yes, except for the fact that the screen size of your Mac/PC shrinks to fit the screen size of the iPad.  This isn’t an issue until you go back to use your laptop and find that everything’s now in ‘mini me’ format.  You have to log out of Splashtop to get back to normal.

And then there’s the practicality of working on documents or spreadsheets by remote.  When I opened up a file in Excel I was perturbed to discover that the virtual keyboard on the iPad took up over half of the screen.  I couldn’t navigate to the top of my spreadsheet without closing the keyboard down.  Irritating.



The big question is, while it’s nifty to be able to control your Mac/Pac via remote from you iPad, is it actually useful?

If you’re an IT troubleshooter who's sick of traversing the building to show people how to start up Outlook .  Jump on the iPad and fix those problems from afar. 

And if you’re an IT teacher wanting demonstrate something on a student’s computer. 

Or if you’re out and about with your iPad and desperately need that file you’ve forgotten to bring with you. 

Or if you just have a desktop computer and want a bit of mobility.


All reasons worth the $2.49 spend, I reckon.  And it’s quite fun.  Particularly when you confound your wife by hijacking her computer from another room.  Moo ha ha!

Click on the logo for Splashtop!

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