XtraFolio: Go on, make their eyes drool.

XtraFolio: Go on, make their eyes drool.

Okay, let’s say I’m a photographer and I’m rocking into Rolling Stone with my big heavy book of candid [mentally insert rock band of preference here] photos.  I chuck it onto the boardroom table with a heavy thump and say something super confident like, “rock ‘n roll ointment for those sore eyes of yours, man”.


And the craggy editor looks at me with bloodshot orbs and says, “yeah man, my eyes are sore.  I’m crying myself raw over the rainforest you’ve just taken a chunk out of.  Never heard of an iPad, or XtraFolio?”




What’s XtraFolio?  A digital image portfolio on your iPad.  A snazzy piece of appware designed for photographers, illustrators, graphic artists…anyone who peddles still image eye candy.




A simple enough idea, but what’s nifty about XtraFolio is that it’s schizo.  What?  Schizo is nifty?  What have you been drinking, Edwin?


I mean it’s got two sides to it.  The flashy bit…




…and the workings bit.




The flashy bit is effectively your stage, to borrow a theatre metaphor for a minute, and the workings is backstage.


What I really dig about XtraFolio is that the two are completely separate, as in when you’re presenting your portfolio to potential clients or employers there’s absolutely no sign of the workings anywhere.  No menus…nothing to get in the way of your beautiful images. 


And should your prospect fall in love with one of those images, it’s a cinch to email it off to them for closer perusal.




How do you get backstage?  You tap the bottom corners simultaneously. 


iPad magic in action.


So, how do you build this portfolio then?


First you need some images that you can transfer to your iPad easily enough using iTunes. 




They’re automatically resized for XtraFolio, bringing each image down to about 100kb.  Quick viewing, easy to email, and optimal for viewing on the iPad.




Order your images according to how you want to present them to the eye candy merchants.




And while the default settings are already fairly stylie, you can tailor the look of your portfolio…




…add captions to your images…




…and throw in your business name and logo watermark for the professional finishing touch.




Need assistance with any of this and it’s off to www.xtrafolio.com where the advise is clear, concise and backed up by video tutorials.  Lovely jubbly.




All sounds rather superlative, right?  And it’s free...right?


Yes, the LITE version is free and does pretty much everything you would need it to.  Only one problem.




That big XtraFolio logo down the bottom of the image that screams FREEBIE.  Not the most professional look around.


How much to go fully pro?


$NZ 25.00


Would I pay for the upgrade?  Sure…it’s peanuts compared to a photography gig, and it saves on rainforest (hardwood) and dinosaurs (ink).  Always nice.



Click above for XtraFolio


Images for this review kindly provided by Vanessa Parker.





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