Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar

Who put the ‘ad’ in advent?  Magicsolver did!  On every page, and you can’t switch them off.  A cunning little piece of marketing.  There, I’ve given you the bad news first.  Now we can get on with the fun, Christmassy festive stuff.

As is the theme of the rest of the week, by the way.  ‘Appy’ Xmas everyone!  A little digital Christmas cheer for all.  And in this case it’s an Advent Calendar on your iPhone. 



What yummy goodies could possibly await you behind the friendly date numbers that bound out at you from your iPhone screen? 




Why, free apps of course!




This is how it works.  Each day a number pops up in your interactive calendar, accompanied by a cheerful rendition of ‘Jingle Bells’. 




You simply tap on the day and then do something suitably festive, like pull a cracker or smash a bauble, and there’s your free app.



Are the free apps worth the time and effort?  I thought so.  Magicsolver’s found their top 25 picks of free iPhone and iPad apps, and has parceled them all up with a bit of digital ribbon and holly. Games, travel diaries, scanning apps…




Yes, I know there’s only five days until Christmas, but five days of festivity is better than none.  And it’s free!  So, bah humbug to you too.

You want an advent calendar from Magicsolver don’t you…I can tell.


Click on the pressie for a free Advent Calendar!

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