Squarespace for the iPhone: Is it really blogging?

Squarespace for the iPhone: Is it really blogging?


Blogging on the move.  That has a real Transmetropolitan feel to it, don’t you think?

No matter of you’ve never read a Transmetro comic.  Click on the comic panel and you’ll see what I mean. 

When I saw that Squarespace had an iPhone app I had visions of being just like Spider from Transmetro, writing from the heart of the action.  Blogging in the firefight, or riot, or rush hour at the supermarket.  Uploading articles hot off the press of reality.

Life just isn’t like the comics.









Squarespace claims that their iPhone app enables you to blog on the move.  I guess it depends on your definition of the verb ‘to blog’.

Let’s start with what works.  Yes, you can access and read your Squarespace blog from your iPhone.  And it looks okay.




Granted you can only see a very small fraction of your blog at any one time, but it’s possible to read it, morsel by morsel, and it’s possible to navigate through it.  That is, if you know your blog well enough that you don’t have to read the links.   I don’t know about you, but I can only just make them out above.  And that’s pretty much actual size.

You can check the stats on your blog, a handy thing if you want to check on the traffic from afar.




Now comes the make or break part.  Can you ‘blog’ from your iPhone?  Can you actually write a post, add an image, or a video, or a few links, and upload that all to your Squarespace blog?

Yes, you can write a post…




…of about twenty words or less before the first knuckle on your index finger seizes up, or you have an impatience haemorrhage.   My usual posts are from between 50 to 500 words long so I would look at a doable iPhone effort as a Tweet, not a post.

Yes, you can add images…




…only if they are already the correct size and orientation.  I could neither rotate nor resize my image on the iPhone.  The only thing I could do was move it around the screen, and when I let it go it simply dropped back into it’s original place.  Rather pointless, really.

And this is how my posted ended up looking in it’s summarised form.



And this is how it came up on the site.




In a word…yuck.  And what about those videos and links?  Not even an option.

Still, I wasn’t about to despair…yet.  So I had a go at making a simple change to my blog.  A quick colour change.



Did I manage it?  Negative.  Tiny links, limited scrolling, bite sized view…it all added up to one big dead end.


A shame.  Blogging with Squarespace is a pleasure, and blogging on the move with Squarespace would have been the icing on the cake.  In theory it’s great, but in practice is simply isn’t blogging.  At best you can manage something on a par with a Tweet.  In which case, you might as well just Tweet.


Click about for Squarespace: The iPhone App

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