Christmas Countdown

Christmas Countdown

Five days until Christmas!  How do I know this?  Did I look at a calendar and do the math?  Hell, no.  I got 13% in my maths exam in my final year of high school.  Did someone remind me that it was ‘five sleeps until Christmas’ at the water cooler?  No, I live and work in an old fallout shelter in the mountains and the internet is my only companion.

I have 'Christmas Countdown' on my iPhone.


Cool, I get to choose between Santa…



…and a Christmas tree.  And they both get bigger and bigger as we get closer to Christmas.  Stop with the Christmas pies, Santa.  Haven't you see Supersize Me?!



And I get to pick out the Christmassy accompanying music, either from a short library of Christmas classics…



…or from my own library.

My favourite Christmas song ever is Bing Crosby's 'White Christmas'.  What's yours?


So there it is.  Count down to Christmas in ‘style’.  It’s only five sleeps away…

Click on the tree for a Christmas Countdown!

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