Survey Monkey - A piece of pie cake

Survey Monkey - A piece of pie cake
We’ve got ourselves another survey creation beastie here.  Make surveys, send them out, collect the responses and compile your data. For small scale outfits under 100 peeps…clubs, small businesses, school class stuff…Survey Monkey is FREE, which is always nice.  For anything larger scale, it’s time to fork out some cash. Actually, make that small change…

What’s the upside?

We’re talking affordable and no frills.  Not a scrap of gold leaf, tinsel, or even last Christmas’ leftover fake snow.  Survey Monkey ain’t pretty, but it works.

This is what you can grab off the shelf, with the questions already done for you.  It’s not what I’d personally send out, but it’s as good as a fair chunk of the surveys I’ve had thrown at me of late.  

Not as sexy as a Survey Gizmo product [link to SG review] but it’ll do the business.

And Survey Monkey’s a piece of pie cake (mmmm….pie cake) to use.  I was up and running in under a minute, and this is what I achieved in about five minutes…

So Survey Monkey is simplicity itself then?  Well, almost.

The Downside...

Upon starting my question creation I was kindly supplied with a plethora of question formats.  Cool...except I didn’t know what any of the terms meant.  And I couldn’t preview them.  So I had to go through this kinda tedious make/delete/make/delete process until I got something I liked.  Sure, I’d get to know the terms soon enough, but simpler names or little explanations would go a long way here.  Alas, no friendly little progress bar telling me how well I’m doing either.  But I hardly noticed the absence.  The overall process was so quick.  

Not such a downside really then!

With my one question survey done, I was on to e-mailing it out, Facebooking it, or dropping it into my website.  I went with e-mail…

…and ten minutes late I had my response, tucked away and neatly summarized.

The Verdict?

I’m thinking, for the price, Survey Monkey does the job well.

My biggest reservation?  The aesthetics.  The dashboard isn’t sexy, and neither are the surveys.  Yes, you can customize them a little bit, but not enough to make anything with real impact.

But if you don’t need anything flashy, you won’t go far wrong with Survey Monkey.  It’s cheap, easy to use, and gets the results quickly and without hassle.  Piece of pie cake (mmmm...pie cake).

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September 26th, 2011
I love surveys, do mine with CreateSurvey from http://www.createsurvey.com
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September 6th, 2011
CreativeSurvey, that:s what I like

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