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5 of the Easiest Plants That Can Be Hydroponically Grown

Are you looking to step up your garden game? You might consider starting a hydroponics garden, which will give you the option of growing inside. So what exactly is a hydroponic growing system? There are a variety of techniques used in hydroponic systems, however, the basic idea is that they allow you to grow plants without soil. There are a number of advantages to utilizing hydroponics.

You can grow seasonal plants year-round, have better control over the PH levels and nutrients, and increase your plant yield through vertical growth. Hydroponics is a water-efficient process, making plants grow faster because you are able to control their growing environment.

The practice of hydroponics isn’t necessarily easy, though, so if you are convinced this is the system for you, consult Hydro Blossom for great advice on starting your own hydroponic garden. We have some recommendations for plants that are easiest for beginners to try their luck with.

1.) Herbs

From basil and cilantro to mint and rosemary, herbs are fast-growing plants that thrive well in hydroponic systems. Aerogarden counter systems are one of the best ways to grow flavorful herbs. If you need help deciding, Hydro Blossom recommends a number of popular brands. However, most hydroponic systems should do a great job of growing herbs. Flushing your growing system once a week will help get rid of extra nutrients your plants won’t absorb.

2.) Leafy Greens

Leafy greens like lettuce and spinach are great for first-time growers considering how fast they grow in hydroponics. Within just a few weeks, you will have a harvest of greens ready to use in salads or on sandwiches. If you are growing on a larger scale, consider using NFT systems, whereas if you only want to grow on a smaller scale, ebb and flow systems might work best. Using a Hydro Flow can be a great way to treat your water to ensure your plants are fed with clean, chemical-free water.

3.) Strawberries

Juicy berries are among some of the most enticing fruits and yet one of the worst things about them is how seasonal they are. This makes it extremely challenging to have a steady crop of strawberries year-round when grown outside. However, hydroponic systems do a great job at growing strawberries, allowing you to have a ready-to-eat crop of strawberries the entire year. The best system to grow them in is the ebb and flow system, although deep water culture works as well. In about 60 days you should be able to pick strawberries ripe from the vine!

4.) Bell Peppers

Although they may prove to be a bit trickier than other leafy greens or herbs, bell peppers are still a great option to try out for first-time hydroponics users. You will need to ensure they do not grow to full height and instead pinch the plants at eight inches. Bell peppers require warm water and a lot of light (up to 18 hours a day). Hydroponics lighting is an essential aspect of indoor growing. The lighting installation needs to replicate natural sunlight stages throughout each season. Research among a number of popular brands to choose the best lighting for your system to ensure your peppers thrive.

5.) Tomatoes

A variety of tomatoes, including cherry tomatoes, can be grown indoors using hydroponics. Among one of the easiest non-leafy plants to grow, you can control and extend the production of fruit. With success, you will be able to pick cherry tomatoes fresh from the vine year-round. Remember, like bell peppers, tomatoes also require a lot of light so be sure to research and install a proper hydroponics lighting system beforehand.


Start researching now and ease your way into hydroponics gardening. Before you know it, you will have a flourishing crop of herbs and vegetables.