About Us

One of the earliest fully digital major media outlets, App Summary was founded in Seattle, Washington in 2014 by Celeste Morales and her partner, Maxwell Morales. Celeste and Maxwell met while interning for Google together, before moving to Seattle and launching their own successful startup mobile app development company. They then teamed up to design and create AppSummary.com as a community for their company and its clients, before evolving into what you see today.

App Summary is an impressive online publication driving the national conversation on politics, national news, technology, culture, lifestyle, finance, science and health through insightful reporting, analysis, and investigations. App Summary’s award-winning team is committed to bringing a variety of voices to the discussion to make the conversation meaningful surrounding innovative technology and how it shapes our world in every way.



Celeste Morales

Editor in Chief


Maxwell Morales

Senior Staff Writer


Phoebe O'Hare

Senior Editor


Tobias White

Staff Writer


Lilith Brown

Staff Writer

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Winston Fuller

Assistant Editor


Eleanor Morgan

Senior Staff Writer


Owen Lee

Staff Writer