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5 Reasons You Should Wear a Motorcycle Helmet While Riding

5 Reasons You Should Wear a Motorcycle Helmet While Riding

Description: Wearing a helmet can not only save your life, it can also be fashionable and save your face from exposure to the elements!

Slide One: Wearing a helmet is the law in most states, and helmets are a necessity for every motorcyclist. Helmets shield your skin from the weather, including harsh sunlight and rain. Wearing a helmet protects you from bugs flying at you at 50 miles per hour. Protect your brain by wearing a helmet every time you ride!

Slide Two: It’s usually the law

47 states across the US have helmet laws in place, and these laws have the backing of the federal government. The three states that do not have helmet laws in place are Illinois, Iowa, and New Hampshire. There’s nothing worse than paying for a ticket because you’re not wearing a life-saving device.

Slide Three: You can accessorize your helmet

Helmets are the perfect accessory: they’re trendy and can make a fashion statement. You can also have multiple helmets for each of your biking outfits, chaps, or gear. You can personalize your helmet and make it truly yours. Alpinestars helmets can also be decorated with reflective designs to enhance their safety features.

Slide four: They shield you from the elements

Just riding along in the sundown on an empty highway can be dangerous for your skin. Wearing a helmet prevents the sun from burning your skin in the summer heat. Helmets can also prevent the heat from escaping your head during colder months. And of course, wear a helmet to protect you from unexpected rain when you’re riding.

Slide Five: They repel bugs

There’s nothing worse than getting hit in the face by a bug. Bug torpedoes exist all across the US and every rider runs into bugs eventually. If you’ve never been hit by a bug, it feels like a needle slamming against your face and falling off. Wear a helmet to prevent this awful occurrence — you won’t regret it.

Slide Six: They safeguard your brain

Riding at high speeds without a helmet is not safe, especially since your entire body is exposed and vulnerable to accidents. This is especially true for head and neck injuries. It’s hard to recover from head and neck injuries if you survive. Wearing a helmet won’t prevent every injury, but it safeguards your brain.

Final Slide: Helmets are great for preventing tickets, getting rained on, avoiding neck or head injuries, or even getting slapped in the face by a bug! Be sure to wear your helmet every time you ride. You never know what dangers lurk around the corner.