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5 Secrets to Corporate Event Planning

In order to build lasting relationships with consumers and stand out among competitors, businesses must go beyond email and social media connections.

When it comes to planning the perfect corporate event, staying competitive with event planning trends in the industry is necessary in order to maximize turnout.

Choose an appropriate venue

When it comes to planning the perfect corporate event, start by choosing a venue that makes guests feel welcomed and booking in advance to cut costs. If you’re not sure where to start, Regatta Hotel provides a wide range of private dining and function rooms to accommodate guests. Consider booking a function room for hire to make your event stand out.

Start searching for sponsors

Next, it’s time to start the search for sponsors. Try looking at corporate events similar to yours and contact the sponsors for those events. Additionally, determine what activations you’ll be able to offer and consider incorporating an interactive component into your event.

Understand the purpose of the event

Make sure to consider what kind of event will engage your intended audience. For example, if you’re planning a client conference, consider hiring an industry expert or guest speaker. Corporate event planning experts recommend offering opportunities to make the event both fun and memorable for guests.

Invest wisely

Hosting a great corporate event requires a sizable budget, so knowing how to invest your money is crucial. Start by focusing most of your spending on entertainment and venue, as these can make or break your event. It’s also important to devote a portion of your budget toward food and beverages since these can make attendees feel more welcomed and respected.

Promote the event

Promoting your event is crucial for maximizing attendance. Consider using a variety of promotional methods—from Facebook and Twitter to emails and ads in e-newsletters—to promote your event. In addition, enlist the help of coworkers to spread the word and encourage others in the industry to attend.

For businesses

Both big and small, building strong relationships with consumers and staying active in the industry are the keys to success.