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Amazing Sex Tricks to Try This Weekend

Even the raunchiest of couples or partners can lose inspiration sometimes. To keep the spark alive in the bedroom, trying out new tricks and moves is a must. Finding it hard to think of something new? We’ve got you covered.

Work on your foreplay

Sometimes we can get so excited about the big event itself, we forget that the build-up can be the sexiest part. Foreplay is a key part of making sure your next sexual encounter is the best one yet— that’s why we think you should be working on including it ASAP. Especially if you’ve not had sex in a long time, foreplay can be the easiest way to last longer, as it slowly builds the anticipation and gets your body back into the rhythm of sexual activity. For both your own and your partner’s pleasure, make sure you’re giving yourself enough pre-game time to get into the mood.


Perfect that orgasm

Having said that, perfecting your orgasm is also key. Knowing how to cum more will upgrade the male orgasm, giving you a bigger load and ejaculate volume. There is a whole range of ways you can increase your semen volume, from supplements to eating certain foods. The good news is that the best ways to do this are often through natural supplements, according to scientific evidence, so not only will it help the male ejaculate, it will also help your overall health. This could be especially useful for those struggling with erectile dysfunction, low sperm motility, or unusual testosterone levels. If this sounds like you, it’s best to seek advice from your doctor as well.


Mix up your partner

Whether you’re single or not, sometimes the same partner can make things seem stale, even if you love the person you’re in a relationship with. For those with partners, always discuss moves like this with all people involved, but changing partners every now and then can still be a sexy way to mix things up. Using a sex app, along the same lines of Tinder, is a quick and easy way to do this. Download it easily from the App Store and be on your way to finding ideal partners for casual sex. It’s the perfect adult friend finder. You don’t need to go through the messy business of dating or take on any huge lifestyle changes with this dating app: just click through to the hookup site to find plenty of people who might be interested in no-strings sex, just like you.


Introduce a third party

Another way to add some spice is by moving from two people in the bed to a threesome. Once again, consent should be clear for everyone involved, but if the green light is given, then your fantasy match could be on the way. A threesome can actually be a huge revitalizing kick for couples and is often the easiest way to see why you found your partner such a turn-on in the first place. Trying out a threesome once doesn’t mean you are committing to lifestyle changes. You don’t need to become polyamorous after a threesome, but a little experiment never hurt anyone.


Open up the toy box

You might think that you’ve exhausted every avenue of reaching orgasm – but have you really? With scientific studies showing that different toys and tools can boost low sexual desire, make men cum with a bigger load of semen, or generate feelings that can’t be found through natural means, it’s just common sense to try out what else is on the market. If you don’t want to invest in sex toys, there are even plenty of ideas for DIY sex toys, if you use a little bit of common sense to keep yourself safe along the way.