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Finding the Perfect Print for Your Home

Finding the Perfect Print for Your Home

Recent research has uncovered the positive impact of the right prints in hospital spaces, as well as the uplifting effect of art in the workplace. Whether you’re moving into a new home, or are in need of a change to your interior design, the benefits of placing a stunning new print on your walls can extend well beyond a change in style.

A new art piece can transform any drab wall into a treasured part of your home environment – and you don’t have to be an art history major to curate your own walls. In fact, the best place to begin is to start drawing that inspiration from within.

What’s your style story?

All homes have a story: the one that’s written, and the one that’s yet to start. As you set about designing the interior of your home, consider the story you’d like to tell. Our luxury homes are the style inspiration for your abode, or are you working towards a classic Americana feel, to match your Georgian style home? Whatever tale you’re wanting to tell, you can find a way to express it effectively through your choice of art.

Prints come in all shapes and sizes, but only one can fill that empty spot on the wall. The first choice is simple, and will guide you through a smooth buying process: are you looking for a striking, feature print, or a mood-driven, subtle addition to your room?

The eye-catching feature

If your room is lacking in color, or missing that extra something, the answer you might be searching for is a feature print. According to the principles of Western color psychology, red, yellow, and white palettes will draw attention from the viewer. They tend to bring out feelings of boldness, excitement, liveliness, and purity. On the other hand, the subtler tones, found in blue, purple, and brown colors, conjure feelings of peace, elegance, and relaxation.

If you’re looking for a bold addition to your room, and you’re feeling particularly creative, you might want to set aside an entirely separate feature wall, painted in a complementary color, to house your new print. Nothing will draw the awe of your visitors like a stunning, well-placed print that fits seamlessly into its surroundings.

The mood-lifting canvas

Sometimes, what your room is lacking is hard to put into words. The energy of the room doesn’t feel quite right, but you’re not sure of the source. Before you bust out your best resources on feng shui, consider the effects of a print, tailored to the desired mood in the architecture of your space.

If you’re searching for vibrancy, look no further than Andy Warhol’s distinct style of art photography. You can even opt to use your own family photos, and order a custom popart print to bring a homely burst of color, fun, and personalization to your living area.

For lovers of minimalism, remember that a print does not have to hold any particular aesthetic feature — like a distinct subject, or visionary style — to make an impact. Your perfect print might be an abstract experiment of color or style or a well-loved design of your choosing.

Finding the perfect spot

Once your heart, mind, and wallet are set on that dream print, the final consideration you need to make is placement. If there are a few options for the print’s final spot, keep in mind the intentions of the art itself.

Any space that you can designate to a print near the front door should be considered “prime real estate” of your walls. People will pass this print the most, so it should be something that you won’t tire of seeing or discussing as you welcome guests into your home.

A print placed in any other room, then, should be considered a new element to introduce to the atmosphere of that space. If you can’t picture that new canvas matching your living room, see how it fits near the kitchen and work from there.