a man and woman lying in bed

Foreplay Tips to Please Your Woman

Foreplay—all the stimulating, playful activities that come before sex-is a must to have a truly pleasurable intimate experience. Foreplay sets the mood between you and your partner and it should never be rushed or feel mindless.

Sexy play with your partner builds desire before diving into the act of sex. Even if foreplay doesn’t lead to sex (which it doesn’t have to!) your lady deserves a pleasing experience. Here are a few tips to get things going.

Sext During the Day

Give her something to look forward to by sexting during the day. Start your foreplay game from the moment you wake up. Sexting can be as suggestive or blatant as you want, but like in-person foreplay, you’ll want to want to build to something explosive.

Let your partner know how excited you are to get naked later, tell her how she makes you feel, and hint at what she’s in store for later that night. Dial up the flirt by sending her nude or erotic photos of yourself and encourage her to return the favor.


Practice Breathwork

Practicing breathwork can have amazing results for you and your partner. When you consciously control your breathing it induces relaxation and meditation, helping you reconnect with your body. Breathwork is a great form of foreplay because it shifts the mind away from outside distractions and connects your mind and body. Helping her reconnect with her body will put her in the mood and make foreplay more effective. Breathwork can do wonders to enhance an erotic massage.


Use Your Mouth Right

Hovering your lips over her skin, licking a sensitive spot, and breathing warm air on delicate areas will excite her senses. Build this intensity all over her body before advancing to a more intimate oral performance.

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Add Some Temperature Play

Add some temperature play to foreplay with ice cubes and candles. Running an ice cube along her body with your teeth or dripping wax on her skin will quickly turn up the heat. You can use a massage candle if you’re new to wax play, or you can use warming massage oils.


Wear Something Revealing

Women aren’t the only ones who can wear something revealing to set the mood. Something so simple as wearing a pair of well-fitting low-rise briefs can turn her on. Maybe you noticed she’s been looking at sexy lingerie from Savage x Fenty and you want to surprise her with a revealing little number for you both to enjoy. If you are feeling adventurous, you could surprise her with a couples’ themed sexy outfit and let your imagination run wild.

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How you engage in foreplay and how long it lasts depends on her needs and wants. Build desire and set the mood with these foreplay tips and enjoy many a night of lasting satisfaction.