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How To Advertise Yourself As a Voice Over Actor

Becoming a voice over actor or actress is a popular career goal in the entertainment industry. However, it takes a lot of practice, coaching, dedication, and time. One of the most time-consuming aspects of launching this career is marketing. Marketing yourself is an excellent way to find numerous opportunities in the industry to help you grow your career. Production companies work tirelessly to find multiple clients to handle virtually any project. These companies handle everything from explanation videos to commercials to tv shows and more. If you can market yourself well enough, you may become one of their preferred actors or actresses. In addition, with just one production company as your client, you can set yourself up for success with multiple, consistent projects from that one company. Furthermore, if you continue your marketing efforts, you can find yourself with more than one production company to work with and ongoing work to keep you sustained.

So, how do you advertise yourself as a voice over actor or actress? Today, we’ll examine some of the most successful ideas and methods for marketing yourself and snagging some paying gigs.

Get professional voice training.


Though the first step in the process of advertising yourself doesn’t actually have to do with marketing, it’s essential to getting your name out there. You should seek out professional voiceover coaching to hone your skills. We, as people, never stop learning, growing, and improving. If you think that your voiceover skills are the best they can be, you’ve already ended your career. So, find a professional to train with, and preferably find a second afterward. For example, you will receive different perspectives working with various professionals, such as training under a coach with a background in casting and then training with a successful voice actor who’s currently working. Not only will you better train your voice, but you will also learn how to handle various scenarios by collecting valuable techniques and strategies.

Make a demo and build a website.


When it comes to advertising yourself, or any business for that matter, a website is a must. Building a basic website to showcase your talents, portfolio, and demos shouldn’t be much of a challenge for even the newest beginners. However, plenty of references are available for help, should you need them. Once you have your website up and running, you need to upload a few demos that showcase your abilities as a voice actor, such as your voice range, characters, and more. Your demo is essentially your calling card as a professional in this industry. These demonstrations of your talent are how you will prove to companies and potential clients that you have the skills, experience, and knowledge to bring their copy to life.

Try out a voice talent website.


There are many voice talent sites out there for you to list your work, such as Voices.com. Thousands of companies access this site to find voice talent, including The History Channel. So, if you sign up, make a profile, and upload your demos, you’ll have a greater chance of finding success with a production company. Furthermore, these sites are trusted sources of talent for many companies.

Make your cold calls regularly.


Cold calls are an old tradition in many different industries. However, they’re certainly not outdated. On the contrary, cold calls are essential to get your name out there before as many companies as possible, and they really do work sometimes. Even if you’re only making a single cold call a day, you’re reaching out to 365 potential clients a year. So, call local businesses, video production companies, advertising agencies, recording studios, television stations, radio stations, talent agencies, and anyone else you can think of that you could help with your voice talents. Indeed, cold calls are just as they sound, ice cold. But they could land you your next big gig.

Get your voice out there.

Remember to get professional voice training, make a demo, build a website, try a voice talent site, and make those cold calls. These tips will help you launch your career in voice acting.