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Tax Folders and Other Tax Resources You Should Have

The volume of mailings that the average tax preparation business or accounting firm has to manage during tax season can be overwhelming. Many businesses just opt to find the cheapest mailing supplies and rush through the job as quickly as possible, but you may be missing an opportunity to grow your business if you do. You should consider the benefits of communicating in a more personal and professional way. A commitment to quality and excellence that extends from top to bottom can also help build trust with consumers. If you’re on the fence, read on to learn more about tax folders and other tax resources you should have.

What resources should your tax business invest in?


Accounting firms and tax preparers can help reduce the stress associated with tax season if they start preparing as early as they can. One smart investment is personalized tax folders. Though personalized tax return folders may seem like a small detail, doing the little things right is a good way to impress your customers and make them feel valued. For most businesses, the cost of switching to higher-quality materials and more effective design is an affordable upgrade. The benefits of increasing customer satisfaction and building up your company’s visibility are worth the price.

Custom folders also help with brand consistency. Experts recommend taking the time to ensure that your branding is present and consistent throughout every aspect of your operation. That means making sure everything from the mailings you send out to the stationery you use reflects some aspect of your company’s visual identity and overall mission. With so much competition in the tax-preparation industry, you need to find ways to make your business stand out.

You should also consider subscription services like Parker Tax Pro, which gives you access to an online library with 22 volumes of expert analysis. Even the best accountants need to look things up on occasion. It’s essential that you have a resource you can trust for information like this, especially when you find yourself with a client who has a complicated tax situation. The reality is that no one is going to be able to remember everything, so knowing where to look when you’re drawing a blank is necessary.

How else can you grow your tax business?


If you want to drive traffic to your company’s website, it may be time to expand into content creation. You can create tax resources and guides that can help people understand their taxes. How-to and information-based content typically performs extremely well online, particularly when it comes to more complex subjects that laypeople may not have specialized knowledge about. Not only will you help people become more financially literate, but they may also decide to go ahead and utilize your services while they’re on your website.

Social media marketing is also more important now than ever before. You may not think that a tax-preparation company should expend energy on creating a robust social media presence, but you’d be surprised at how much of a difference it can make. There are plenty of ways you can approach deciding what to post and share. Q&As where people can ask their tax questions, reminders about important dates during tax season, and basic financial advice are all likely to gain a lot of traction online.

Depending on the size of your business, you may find that you have thousands of tax return documents to mail out in the months surrounding tax season. It just makes sense to do what you can to include the design of supplies like envelopes in your strategy for improving brand consistency and visibility. There is also a number of resources available online that can help you brush up on everything you need to know to answer even the most complicated questions from your clients. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t underestimate the impact social media marketing and content creation can have on driving traffic to your website and attracting more potential customers.