Things To See and Do on Your Utah Vacation

Are you looking for a vacation that has plenty of activities and sights to explore? Utah offers a variety of opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts, culture lovers, and adventurers alike. From the majestic mountains and charming towns to the vast deserts, Utah is a perfect vacation destination for travelers of all types. Keep reading to discover the top things to see and do on your Utah vacation.

Desolation Canyon Rafting


Rafting in Desolation Canyon is a thrilling and exhilarating experience that should not be missed on any Utah vacation. This spectacular canyon is located in the heart of Utah’s Canyonlands and is home to some of the most stunning views in the entire state. The canyon itself is a large, deep canyon filled with gorgeous red sandstone cliffs, towering mesas, and a variety of unique wildlife. The river that runs through Desolation Canyon is the Green River, which offers a variety of rapids of all levels for both novice and experienced rafters.

You can book a guided multi-day rafting trip to get the full Desolation Canyon river rafting experience. On this trip, you will travel 88 miles down the river winding through a remarkable wilderness of twisted mountains, dramatic cliffs, and towering plateaus carved by an ancient inland sea.

Rafting the Green River through Desolation Canyon is an exciting adventure that will create memories with a variety of wildlife, towering sandstone cliffs, and amazing views of the canyon. The rapids vary in difficulty, so there is something for everyone. On a trip down the Green River, you’ll explore Utah’s famous outlaw hideouts, ancient dinosaur habitats, and Fremont Native American petroglyphs.

Arches National Park


Arches National Park in Utah is an incredible destination for anyone looking for a unique and adventurous vacation. Located in the heart of the Colorado Plateau, the park is home to the world’s largest concentration of natural sandstone arches, as well as a variety of other geological formations. The arches are the park’s main draw, but visitors can also explore canyons, fins, spires, and towers.

Visitors have a variety of activities to choose from while visiting Arches National Park. Hiking is a popular way to explore the park, and there are plenty of trails to choose from. Some of the most popular hikes include the Delicate Arch Trail and the Windows Trail. Those looking for a more challenging adventure can try the Devil’s Garden Primitive Loop. There are also plenty of scenic drives throughout the park, including stops at the famous Balanced Rock. Those who want to take in the views from above can take a hot air balloon ride over the park. There are also plenty of guided trips to consider for an elevated experience.

Lake Powell


Lake Powell, located on the border of Utah and Arizona, is a picturesque and breathtaking destination for anyone looking to explore the Southwest. Nestled in the heart of the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell is the second-largest man-made reservoir in the United States. Visitors can take in stunning views of the stunning red rock formations of the canyons and the unique aquatic landscape of the lake.

The lake is a haven for a variety of outdoor activities. Boating and fishing are popular activities, with numerous marinas, boat launches, and boat rentals available. There are also plenty of opportunities for watersports, such as kayaking and wakeboarding. Additionally, the lake is home to a variety of wildlife, from bald eagles and bighorn sheep to coyotes and lizards.

Moab, Utah

Explore Moab, Utah, and discover a world of breathtaking natural wonders and thrilling outdoor recreation. Located in the desert Southwest, this small town is surrounded by mesmerizing red rock canyons, rugged mesas, and towering sandstone buttes. It’s the perfect destination for outdoor adventurers looking to explore some of the most stunning natural landscapes in the United States.

If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, Moab has plenty of thrilling activities to offer. The area is well known for its amazing mountain biking trails that range from easy to extremely challenging. You can also go rock climbing, rappelling, canyoneering, and river rafting. In addition to all its outdoor activities, Moab also has plenty of other things to see and do. There are a number of local galleries and museums, as well as plenty of restaurants and shops to explore.

A Utah vacation offers something for everyone. From outdoor adventures and stunning natural beauty to historic sites and cultural experiences, there is an abundance of things to see and do in Utah.