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Top Christmas Gifts For Your Teen Daughter 2020

It may be hard to believe, but the holidays are right around the corner. While 2020 sure shaped up to be a bit different than we had thought, it doesn’t mean that we can’t get festive when it comes to our gift-giving this holiday season! To get you in the mood for gift-giving, here are the best gift ideas that your teen daughter will love.


It is never too early for your tween to get interested in skincare and how to properly take care of her skin. There are plenty of fun, teen-friendly skincare giftsets available that will introduce her to a multi-step skincare routine that includes a cleanser, an exfoliant, a toner, a moisturizer, and even a face mask. With this kit to guide her, she’ll have the confidence to put her best face forward during the new year.

A Yoga Mat

It can be difficult to get inspired to leave the house and be active, especially during the pandemic and with the cold weather coming. So why not bring fitness inside? Gifting your teenage daughter some exercise equipment, such as a yoga mat, kettlebells, and ankle weights is a great idea for an active-loving teen. You can even go the extra step and add a virtual subscription to an online activity service or class, so she can have some sort of semblance of normalcy if the gyms are closed where you live.

A Photo Book

Photobooks of your daughter’s favorite memories from the last year make for great gifts for girls as it gives them a keepsake to remember as they get older. Plus, they’re quite easy to make! All you have to do is take some time looking at her social media accounts for pictures that she posted of the last year. Then, compile them all into a book sorted into fun categories to symbolize certain moments from the year like the end of school, a birthday, or a trip. Feel free to share this idea with the parents of your daughter’s friends, as you can all design something special for your children and gift it to them as a group gift.

A Weighted Blanket

It is normal for all of us to feel some level of anxiety during the past few months, so why not ease your daughter’s mind with a nice weighted blanket? Weighted blankets make the wearer feel like they are being wrapped in a cozy hug, which will instantly lower their levels of stress, tension, and allow them to fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer. You can get these blankets in plenty of colors and fabrics, to fit any bedroom decor that your daughter may already have.

A Smartphone

It may be time to take the leap and get your tween daughter a mobile phone. This makes the perfect gift as smartphones are all in one device nowadays. By having a phone, your child will not only have a safety net as a way to call you, but they’ll also have access to a camera, all their music, and the internet all in one space. But, as always, when you purchase a new phone it’s incredibly important to invest in mobile phone insurance as well. While you may not think cell phone mobile insurance is worth it, all it requires is you to pay a small fee per month and it will cover you against most types of damage including water damage, a cracked screen, and any accidental damage — which many teenagers are prone to. After all, without phone insurance, if your daughter damages her phone in any way, you’ll be the one stuck with a hefty bill.

So, what items from this list will you be buying for your daughter this Christmas?