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What Do Presentation Designers Do?

Finding the right career can ensure your long-term happiness. Choosing an occupation you enjoy ensures you’ll find your work rewarding because you’ll thrive when you can focus on your interests and use your skills.

Choosing a career can be challenging, however. There are hundreds of industries you can choose from, as well as hundreds of occupations to consider. While researching careers, you may have questions about different occupations. Suppose you enjoy editing images and using graphics and text to tell stories. You might enjoy a future as a presentation designer. Let’s examine what these designers do, where they work, how to become a presentation designer, and how businesses and individuals benefit from hiring presentation designers.

What are presentation designers?


Presentations include speeches, videos, and slide shows. People make presentations to relay information. Effective presentations can increase consumer interest in products or persuade investors to support a business plan.

Although presentations are valuable tools used by businesses around the globe, many people don’t know how to prepare an effective presentation. A presentation designer is a professional who specializes in customizing presentations for their employer or clients. These professionals understand the principles of good presentation design. Whether working with Google slides or preparing a PowerPoint presentation, they utilize appropriate tools to customize the presentation to achieve the client’s goals. Client goals could include relaying compelling marketing messages or establishing a company’s brand identity. They could use their graphic design skills to create job ads or create compelling visual advertisements.

Presentation designers address every aspect of a presentation’s design. They choose the format and other design features, such as the layout and fonts.

Where do presentation designers work?


Presentation designers may work for companies supplying presentation design services. These presentation designers meet with clients or supervisors to discuss new projects and create a compelling narrative that tells a good story. These companies screen applicants, ensuring they provide superior design services to their clients.

Presentation designers may work for large corporations, preparing presentations for shareholders, consumers, and employees. While it’s common to think about presentations to promote goods or services, businesses can also use presentations during employee training. Politicians, political groups, or lobbyists may also hire these design experts to promote policies or initiatives.

How do people become presentation designers?


People who design presentations must have strong graphic design skills. They also need excellent communication skills. You can prepare for a career in this field by earning a bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, or graphic design. Whichever major you choose, you’ll need to know how to use standard editing software such as Adobe Creative Suite, which includes Photoshop and InDesign.

Presentation and graphic designers share several overlapping skills and duties. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that graphic designers earned median annual salaries of $53,380 in 2020. PayScale reports that graphic designers with presentation skills took home median annual incomes of $65,837 in 2021.

What are the benefits of hiring presentation designers?


Presentation designers have strong graphic design skills. They understand design principles and know how to create compelling visual images. They’re also solid storytellers and combine visual elements and words to captivate audiences.

Department managers, supervisors, and human resource managers may not have the design skills to create compelling presentations. This can make it challenging to persuade your company’s board to support a new initiative or get shareholders to endorse policy decisions. Poor presentations can also undermine your ability to recruit or train new employees. Hiring experts to produce professional presentations can improve communications within your company. You can also use professional presentations as part of a corporate reputation campaign to strengthen your company’s image or to increase revenue from product sales.

Presentations are powerful tools used to convey crucial information. Professionals who design presentations choose formats and layouts suited to the presentation objectives when producing professional presentations.