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Equipment You Might Need for Your Etsy Handmade Crafts Store

When you first set out to craft a handmade Etsy shop, you’ll inevitably have a bit of a learning curve. Ideally, you’re well-versed in your chosen craft, though even that will have eternal room for improvement. It’s the management of your Etsy store itself, though, that has the greatest list of skills to be learned, starting with the equipment you’ll need to use in starting and managing your digital storefront. Starting the shop itself, adding listings to be sold, and even making and selling your wares will all be crucial components of your new entrepreneurial endeavor.

Your Device of Choice


While Etsy has made strides in making its website mobile-friendly, its sellers agree that a desktop device is a crucial component more often than not. No matter your preference, you’ll most likely want to use both a laptop or desktop computer as well as a mobile device with the Etsy app. That way, you’ll have the best of both worlds—you’ll have the more wide-reaching features of the desktop website when working at home but can take advantage of the more convenient mobile app while on the go.

A Decent Camera


There’s a lot to learn about e-commerce, and product photography is just one such element. However, this is unquestionably one of the most crucial components of opening and running your Etsy store. After all, people are inherently visual creatures, and you can assume your customers will be, for the most part, human! You’ll find that a good camera becomes your best friend when it comes to photographing your wares. You may find a conventional camera at an affordable price, but you might even discover that your smartphone offers a camera that meets your needs!

Packaging Essentials


No matter what it is you’re selling (save, perhaps, for digital products), you’ll be in dire need of packaging materials once your shop starts making sales. After all, you’re going to need to send out packages filled with products! So, be sure you have all the materials you need to package and ship your finished crafts. This may vary, in part, depending on your particular product or products. Some popular options include bag sealers, cutters, cellophane, paper bags or plastic bags, or other sorts of product packaging. Of course, most sellers will also need a tool for printing their shipping labels (be it paper and tape or an adhesive label) and some sort of outer box or bag for your package itself.

Too Many Crafting Supplies


If you sell on Etsy, there’s a high probability that you make and sell handmade crafts. So, you’ll almost certainly stock up on more crafting supplies than you can use in a lifetime! Perhaps you have hundreds of skeins of yarn to create custom-knit pieces or a rainbow array of vinyl for Cricut designs. Or, you might decide to branch out, pairing your Procreate creations with a collection of watercolors you’re only just learning to use, or a collection of vintage pieces you might refresh and add to your shop. After all, crafters are ambitious! So, your crafting supplies are inevitably one of the most important tools in your Etsy arsenal.

Selling your handmade crafts is a uniquely fulfilling endeavor, filled with lots of excitement and lessons to be learned. However, from your initial signup to your first sale, there’s a lot to learn while starting an Etsy shop. You’ll find that these lessons go a lot more smoothly if you’ve prepared with the required tools and equipment to perfect your craft shop. From a tool to seal bags for shipping or a camera that can capture your most masterful creations, these investments will make your shop a success from the very start.