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Maintaining Your ATV

Maintaining Your ATV

Few things in life are as much fun as riding an ATV out in the fresh air. And to enjoy that experience safely and to its fullest, you need to maintain your ATV and you need to do it right. Here’s why maintenance matters and how to get the best possible maintenance for your ride.

A well-maintained ATV is a safer ATV

Riding an all-terrain vehicle is a lot of fun, but you have to keep your wits about you if you’re going to stay safe. Responsible riders wear essential safety gear, plot out courses ahead of time, check for others on trails, and take it slow around blind corners and in other spots where it’s tough to see. They also need their vehicles to respond precisely to their direction. To property adjust your speed or take a turn with just the right touch, you need an ATV that is ready to react to you and deliver superior performance.

And your ATV won’t be able to do any of that if it is not properly cared for. Without proper maintenance, your ATV will become less efficient and less effective. It could have parts fail or simply become a less precise machine. It could even break down entirely.

So it pays to maintain your ATV. You get more out of a well-maintained vehicle, and you’re also keeping yourself safe when you’re out riding the trail.

Get a mechanic

Even if you’re pretty confident in your skills in the garage, it pays to get a professional. The pros do this stuff all day, every day, so they’re more likely to spot potential issues and make essential fixes fast. Mechanics may guarantee their work, and they’ll be able to get the best parts at the right prices.

And you do want those good parts, trust us on that. Investing in real OEM stuff like Polaris parts means that you get more reliable parts, which means that you won’t end up having to pay for the same repair again a little later. You’ll have a more reliable ride, and you’ll be safer on the trail. Makes sense, right?

Build a routine maintenance plan

Repairs should be made quickly and made for good, with quality work from a trusted mechanic and real OEM parts from great manufacturers. But you shouldn’t wait until it’s time to make those repairs to visit your mechanic.

A better move is to team up with your mechanic to develop a routine maintenance plan that helps ensure that you and your mechanic are always one step ahead of potential problems with your ATV. Regular ATV maintenance will give you a better-performing ATV that is less likely to break down. Your particular ATV will have maintenance recommendations from its manufacturer, and you and your mechanic can fine-tune the schedule.

Know how to check basic things yourself

You should trust in your mechanic and visit him or her often, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing that you can do to help maintain your ATV. One thing that you should be able to do is to check your ATV out before and after rides.

Learn to identify problems with the tires and troubleshoot basic issues with the battery, ignition, and engine. Knowing the basics could save you an unnecessary trip to the mechanic, and it could help you explain things more clearly when you do have to stop by for help.

Treat your ATV well, on and off the trail

Your well-maintained ATV will be able to deliver incredible performance even under tough conditions. But that doesn’t mean that you should always demand the very most of it. It’s okay to push your ATV once in a while, but the gentler riding will extend its life. Avoid unnecessary risks and aggressive driving when possible, and you’ll help your ATV last longer.

You should also care for your ATV off of the trail. That means taking care of the maintenance stuff that we’ve already talked about, but it also means storing your ATV under a cover and in a cool, dry place. Be sure to properly winterize it during the offseason, too.

If you take the time to care for your ATV, it will deliver superior performance in return. You’ll have more fun when you ride, and you’ll be safer too.