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What You’ll Find at VitaRx.com

Whether it’s boosting our immune system through cold and flu season or simply trying to get on a better wellness regimen, don’t underestimate the importance of vitamins. The right supplements, together with any medications and wellness plan recommended by your physician, can get you closer to peak overall health. Rather than just blindly shopping for supplements, you can turn to the experts at VitaRx to get you the vitamins you need and knowledge of the supplements you may not have even been aware of.

The VitaRx Assessment


Rather than running around the pharmacy looking for vitamins and wasting hundreds of dollars, you can benefit your health and your bottom line with a visit to VitaRx.com. VitaRx has made a name for itself by providing the best supplements that are personalized to meet your regimen. They’ve changed the game by bringing those capsules and tablets right to your doorstep so that you can get the essential nutrients that your body is missing.

To get your personalized daily vitamin kit, it all starts with the VitaRx assessment quiz. This contact form is designed to gain some knowledge about you as a customer. VitaRx gets to know your lifestyle choices and health goals. This helps them to determine the organic products and supplements that are best suited to your regimen. Through this quiz, it’s determined which vitamins and minerals will have the greatest positive effect on your overall health.

Vitamin Recommendations


VitaRx has made it their goal to get the greatest understanding of your personal needs. This determines what’s best for your overall wellness based on your age, physical activity, and habits. This determines the daily vitamin pack for you, adjusting nutrient levels to adapt to the right path forward. For example, some medical experts have found that supplements can be alternatives to hormone replacement therapy. In some cases, an increased intake of calcium and vitamin D can help deal with bone density issues that women may experience later in life.

If you already had a vitamin regimen that includes iron or potassium, you can slip that into the pack along with any recommendations that VitaRx has to offer based on your questionnaire. The assessment by VitaRx’s nutritionists is great for starters, but you can change your daily routine. Plus, health needs change over time. Modifications are easy and accommodated by VitaRx. For example, you may want to up your vitamin C levels during the winter months to help give your immune system a much-needed boost when you need it most.

Vitamins Right to Your Doorstep


Rather than having to drop hundreds of dollars at a retailer or drive around looking for the right supplements, you can have VitaRx vitamin packs right at your door each month. Inside a package, you’ll find 30 individual vitamin kits that you’ve personally designed to make a part of your daily routine, alongside any medications you may be taking. Each package comes with a booklet to better understand your selections and give you the little nudge that your overall health may need.

With each month, you can make updates to your daily vitamin pack to make sure next month has a new addition like omega-3 and folic acid, choosing a supplement or removing another as you see fit. Beyond a personalized kit and regular monthly delivery, you don’t have to worry about any initiation fees. All you have to worry about is picking what you need for your daily routine. Just foot the bill and you’ll be set. You’ll even score free shipping if your order is $20 or more. So why wait? Sign up for VitaRx daily vitamin kits today.